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Who am I?

Welcome dear gentleman, 

I am I ss, j'habite Paris, occasional French guide,

I am bilingual French / English, non-smoker, elegant and cultivated for  brighten up all yourparisian outings 

during Cocktails, Dinners, Theater, Shows, Casino, even beautiful escapes in Week-End so great feeling...


Who am I?

I am a business woman in international trade, independent, autonomous, single,

high-powered biker, sporty, fun, dynamic, loyal, spontaneous and feminist.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a tomboy but a successful woman.

Why am I offering myself as an Escort?

Why not?

I am free to lead my life as I see fit.

Escorting amuses and entertains me.

I think it's a smart deal between a man and a woman.

It's an easy meeting, an exchange that is both frank and sensual that seduces me.

My conception of escorting

Escorting is not degrading if you do it the way you want, without human or financial constraints.

For me it's an escape, which brings me fun and brings me out of an often too serious daily life.

Like you gentlemen, I am very busy and passionate about my job, but I need from time to time to put my time-consuming schedule in "OFF" mode and find myself in good company.

Easy dating

Escorting allows easy and very pleasant encounters.

We are not aiming for a plan on the comet, and that does not prevent beautiful encounters!

  We exchange a few banalities during our meeting by sharing a cocktail, a glass of rosé Champagne, or around a sumptuous gourmet dinner while trying to seduce each other...

  Just like you, chis context relaxes me and entertains me.

What is escorting?

To be honest and clear-headed, most escorts don't just accompany clients.

As a rule, they prostitute themselves, whether they like the clients or not.

But not all escorts systematically prostitute themselves, even if it's very rare...

My escort service

I offer an elegant accompaniment service, in all honor.

It does not include sexual favor because I am unable to have intimate relations on command.

I need to be really seduced to let myself go further...

In addition, I earn my living differently.

...Nevertheless, I am not unmoved...

A few bubbles of Billecard Salmon rosé in a Parisian palace or on the coast with a charming man

and elegant can make me dizzy...I love that feeling!...

And I admit it, luxury makes me want lust...

This is why I can gladly complement our interview with asensual massage with hot oilsif you wish it...This lustful scented dessert will leave us with deliciously erotic memories...

(+350€ Outcall or Incall).

If it turns out that an intimate rapprochement arises, it would come from a common desire,

  between two adults, which would result from a prior agreement between the two parties.

The VIP Card

The VIP CARDis suggested after a first appointment

My topics of conversation?

I talk about everything, freely.

  All subjects interest me. One exception, however: except that of religion.

What's my style?

  Without being dithyrambic, I am the opposite of the stereotype of the escort who

betrays herself instantly by her dressing up, her verbal and body language.

I am his complete opposite, in every way.

What is the ideal outfit?

For me, the outfit makes the monk of course!

I am very sensitive to education, fashion, elegance and discretion.

I healmy lookbecause I think it reflects our personality.

For example, to join you in yourParisian palace, I will favor light make-up, a long dress

et fluid, slit on the side and accessorized with a Chanel necklace and a branded bag.

  On the feet, pretty Hermès sandals with high heels, sexy by its laces going up along my very thin ankles..

At the casino, I would rather opt for flowing, straight pants with a top revealing my shoulders...

If you are looking for a vulgar escort

If you prefer someone with overloaded make-up flanked by false eyelashes, with too long nails, stubby in an ultra-short dress molding unsightly shapes and with a neckline overflowing with vulgarity, please pmake your way.I will not meet your expectations!

But I'm not judging your tastes...To each his own!...

What does escorting allow?

An escorting appointment allows you to share together only the best,

to meet exclusively for good times in complete complicity.

The Advantages of Escorts..

The priced servicesimplifies the meeting and clarifies the situation

Exchanges are reciprocally honest and respectful.

My style of man?

Mature, charismatic, elegant, generous and courteous. 

I like...

I like luxury, and I accept it!

 I also like fun, easy encounters, fluid exchanges, trips to sea and sun destinations, champagne, humor, and above all Ma Liberté! 

I prefer you...

Handsome man, of mature age, intelligent, refined, cultured, courteous, generous and fond of beautiful things just like me.

I please you? So contact me and let's meet!



French Escort

Confidentiality assured

Discretion guaranteed


I don't smoke and can't stand to smoke.


100% French and European

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